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Lee Hill, WAAC reporter


It’s all about color.

That’s the nutshell philosophy of rug weaver Estelle Serena of Burlington. And it’s the most satisfying part of her business.
“Color is endless,” she says. “No matter how many rugs I have made, I still feel a thrill of seeing each rug come off the loom.”

     She also gets to play with colors when she gets shipments of fabric from textile firms. These are the end materials from textile production in a variety of materials – pure wool, mohair, chenille and cotton.

     Some fabrics are ready to use after sorting. Others must be cut into one-inch strips and sewn together, using a 

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2012-2013 Board and Committees:

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President - Charlie Neuman
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Treasurer - Terry Walker-Wedell      
1st Year Director - Marie Sandler
1st Year Director - Estelle Serena